#lust The New iPad announced.

Apple announced the new iPad today. It’s pretty, it’s shiny, it’s got a faster processor and 4x as many pixels. I would love to have one. However, I don’t need one.

I have the first gen iPad and it does everything I need a tablet to do. I would like to have another around the house so that my wife would have her own. Any generation would do. She plays some games, she does some web browsing and email with it but I use it far more than she does. I use it for writing (of all sorts), storyboarding, as an e-reader, and web browsing and email. Except for editing video, I do all the rest (90%) of my computing work with it.

For me, it is an invaluable tool for creation. For my wife, an amazing way to consume content. I just don’t have to have the shiniest one to do the things I need to do.

So, if you’ve got a spare $500 lying around; I encourage you to get me one. I don’t need one but I do want one.